CBK’s Artisan Breads

Rustic Ciabatta


This rustic Italian loaf is filled with irregular holes, all the better to trap a drizzle of olive oil. Cut lengthwise, ciabatta makes a wonderful Italian-style sandwich.


Rustic Sourdough


This chewy loaf has rich, deep, flavor with mild sourdough tang. Great as a dipping bread or toasted with butter.


French Baguettes


French-style baguettes, so we encourage you to splurge on this unique bread. Great for dipping with a hearty meal.


Asiago and Everything


This stunning, tender cheese bread is shaped in an easy-to-make braid coated with Everything Bagel Seasoning for color and crunch.


Cinnamon Swirl


This is a lovely way to start off your morning when you want a little something different than your usual.


Artisan Bread Bowls


Is it a very large roll, a very small loaf … or the ideal bread for hollowing out and filling with your favorite stew or chili?